A minecraft server

that's stable

We strive for good plug-ins, good user interface, and we will always listen to you.

Our server id


OUr rules
  1. Any use of hacks is forbidden thus will result in an immediate jail-ban

  2. Any disrespect towards staff is forbidden (unless jokingly)

  3. Any discrimination, racism, etc. is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will get you /banned

  4. Use common sense, don't be a dummy thinking I can swear you can't.

  5. Lying towards a staff member about something you did that was against our rules is forbidden.

  6. Don't have a big ego. Nobody wants to stroke your damn ego.

Appeal questions

Why were you jail-banned/banned

What hacked client were you using (if applicable)

Was this a false ban?

Do you understand you can appeal for your ban ONCE?

Do you understand if you were to be accepted then banned again you will not be applicable to appealing?

Banned? APPEAL here
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